CD Projekt Red’s Stolen Data Has Reportedly Been Sold

CD Projekt Red’s stolen data has been sold outside of its original auction, according to an update by vx-underground.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

In a screenshot posted to Twitter, the malware data aggregator stated that CDPR’s hackers have successfully sold the company’s source code.

Details of the auction were initially posted to the Russian hacking forum “Exploit”, with bids starting at $1 million. Now it seems that action has ended due to an outside agreement, with the sellers stating “an offer was received outside the forum that satisfied us.”

The sellers have also specified a “non-distribution” clause as part of the agreement with the buyer. This information was also verified by KELA, a cyber intelligence firm that has also been monitoring the situation [via VGC].

While this sale pertains specifically to CDPR’s RedEngine source code, the hackers also have potentially sensitive HR data belonging to the company. Addressing this issue, CDPR made the following statement in regards to “ex-colleagues” on Twitter:

To our ex employees: As of this moment, we don’t possess evidence that any of your personal data was accessed. However, we still recommend caution (i.e. enabling fraud alerts). If you have questions, please write to our Privacy Team dpo[at]”

cyberpunk 2077 character
Credit: CD Projekt Red

CDPR has also claimed that its staff and colleagues won’t be at risk due to the breach. However, if the hacker’s ransom note is to be believed, they seem to have some sort of dirt on the Cyberpunk creators.

The notepad letter indicates that they have enough to damage the Polish publisher’s reputation, stating that “more people will see how your sh*tty company functions.”

Like we said previously, it seems like CDPR is in for a long year of suffering. Hopefully, the hackers don’t have data on individuals who could be put at risk.

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Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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