Resellers Are Ruining McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meals

Resellers are now claiming Pokemon McDonald’s Happy Meals in large quantities to sell the contents for profit on auction websites like eBay.

Now, to clarify, they’re not selling the actual burgers in the Happy Meals (though nothing would surprise me nowadays), but they are selling the limited edition Pokemon Cards that come with them. I know reselling is nothing new, but it seems to have hit another level recently. 

Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

The recent Pokemon promotion at McDonald’s is to celebrate the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary and each Happy Meal comes with one of 50 Pokemon cards, including rare holographic cards.

In the US where meals would cost around $2.49, the cards are being sold for grotesque profits and is resulting in children not being able to buy the Happy Meals.

Some Twitter users are even reporting that some McDonald’s employees are claiming entire stock boxes of the Pokemon contents to sell on eBay.

McDonalds, Pokemon I sure hope you do some form of inventory control for your promo Pokémon cards as some of your stock is being sold in sealed boxes which means they’re not even making it to your stores,” claimed a Twitter user [via NME].

This is not cool, your employees are scalping these while my kids can’t get them with a paid meal” said another Twitter user.

The popularity of content creators unboxing cards on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has also resulted in the Pokemon Happy Meals becoming difficult to acquire.

Though to be fair, there are many adult Pokemon fans and I have no doubts that many are genuine customers without intentions of reselling.

While McDonald’s is yet to comment on the issue, Nintendo has released a statement detailing that plans to reprint the Pokemon Card Game Expansions are at “maximum capacity.

Have you been able to get McDonald’s Pokemon cards, or have the resellers gotten in your way?

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

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