Everspace 2 Celebrates Phenomenal Early Access Launch

The Early Access launch of Everspace 2 has apparently exceeded its developers “wildest expectations,” after its recently came to Steam.

Credit: ROCKFISH Games

ROCKFISH Games CEO Michael Shade made the following statement in regards to the game’s initial success [via Gamasutra]:

EVERSPACE 2’s start in Early Access and GiD exceeded our wildest expectations. So far, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and press all over the world.

everspace 2
Credit: ROCKFISH Games

After we started Early Access with more than 260,000 wishlist entries on Steam, we were very confident, however, we would never have dared to dream that we would land at number 1 in the worldwide Steam Charts in no time.

Shade went on to say that he’s grateful to players for supporting the project, despite the game’s high early access price point. The ROCKFISH boss also commented on the game’s next steps, in regards to Everspace 2’s full release in 2022.

everspace 2
Credit: ROCKFISH Games

There’s a lot for EVERSPACE fans to look forward to as we work towards release in 2022,” said Shade. “We plan to share our first roadmap within the next few days after we have browsed through all the community feedback on the initial release version of EVERSPACE 2.

There’s no doubt that the process of launching Everspace 2 has been stressful, especially since ROCKFISH is a self-published indie developer.

everspace 2
Credit: ROCKFISH Games

Despite all of this, Everspace managed to reach second place in Steam’s weekly collation of top-selling games and currently has a 94% positive review rating on the platform [via GameRant]. 

In case you missed it, the game is “a fast-paced single-player spaceship shooter with deep exploration in space and on planets, tons of loot, RPG elements, mining, and crafting.

The horizon is looking bright for Everspace 2, which means that players will be in for an extra terrestrial treat by the time the game comes out of Early Access.

Who knows, perhaps Everspace 2 is going to become the ultimate space adventure! Personally, I could be doing with a bit of intergalactic escapism, especially after being cooped up for all of 2020.

Check out Everspace 2 on Steam here!

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Featured Image Credit: ROCKFISH Games

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