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Emtek RTX 3090 Blower has power connectors on a daughterboard

NVIDIA board partners would rather put conventional power connectors on a daughterboard than use NVIDIA 12-pin power connector.

Emtek is a South Korean NVIDIA board partner offering custom designs often used by other brands, such as Palit. This company now offers a variety of cards, with up to three-fan solutions. It is therefore surprising to see the Emtek has now a custom RTX 3090 model with a blower-type cooling solution.

The graphics card features a semi-custom board design. It is clearly based on the NVIDIA reference board for AIB with dual 8-pin power connectors. Interestingly those connectors have been replaced with a special connector for a daughterboard. Some AIBs have been putting dual 8-pin power connectors or extension cables, which were then routed through the cooler. This was not a very elegant way, but in the end, it was hard to notice that there are cables hidden under a shroud.


EMTEK RTX 3090 24GB Blower Edition
Specs provided by VideoCardz.NET Database
GPU : GA102-300 Base Clock : 1395 MHz
Cores : 10496 Boost Clock : 1695 MHz
TMUs : 328 Memory Clock : 19.5 Gbps
ROPs : 112 Memory : 24 GB GDDR6X 384b

Emtek has opted for a different solution which in this case means a secondary PCB exclusively with two power connectors. This allowed Emtek to rotate the connectors by 90 degrees and move them away from the main board. It just seems strange that the company went through so much effort for a single graphics card. What is even more interesting is that the company would rather spend time and resources on this daughterboard rather than use NVIDIA’s innovative 12-pin power cable.

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