Super Smash Bros Melee Credit Sequence Has Finally Been Beaten

Super Smash Bros Melee is manic from start to finish. Not only do you have to thump your way to victory by battling a load of Nintendo icons, but you then also have to defeat a giant laser-shooting hand. Then, when you think it’s all over, the game has you shooting the credits like some sort of intergalactic arcade game.

Credit: Nintendo

Unsurprisingly, no one has ever managed to shoot all 190 staff credits during this sequence of the game, and that will never change. What’s that? Someone’s finally managed to do it almost 20 years after the game’s release? Damn.

This incredible achievement that’s sure to make your parents proud was kickstarted by YouTuber Nathaniel Bandy. The Nintendo enthusiast placed a $3000  “bounty” on the Nintendo fighters, challenging players to complete Melee’s credit sequence.

Bandy described trying to hit all of the credits as “one of the most unintuitive experiences I’ve ever had playing a video game”. This is because of the way the cursor handles during the credits, which requires precise movements [via Polygon].

Nathaniel publicly tweeted the challenge, alongside some rules, which are as follows:

  • Must be done on console (Gamecube/Wii)
  • Use of Controller must be Verified (Controller cam, live streaming, etc)
  • Gameplay must be captured (Capture card or recording screen works)
  • Deadline is March 31st, 2021 (Honestly just for the memes)

Despite the scope of this challenge, it didn’t take long before one player managed to bag the bounty. Martin Zarate spent 50 hours attempting the challenge before finally hitting all 190 credits. He described the experience in a conversation with Polygon:

The most challenging part would be the voice actors, they come in all different directions and there is no room for error. After you get the hardest part of the credits, you gonna stay composed and hit the rest.

Zarate also hypothesised that the reason no one has done it till now is that there was no incentive. The Melee player also stated that the $3000 reward will be going towards getting a degree in “parks and natural resources”, something they hope will help them become a park ranger in the future.

See mum? Video games do get you somewhere in the real world.

Are you impressed to see the Smash Bros credits finally Smashed?

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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