This Mod Will Let You Play Metal Gear Solid 3 Within Metal Gear Solid 5

Let’s face it, our chances of getting any sort of Metal Gear Solid remaster or remake from Konami are slim. So it makes sense that fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate Metal Gear Solid 3 within Metal Gear Solid 5, right?

Credit: Konami

In complete “if you want something done right” fashion, a talented modded (Reddit user BeezWX) has kickstarted the process of building the third instalment of the MGS saga within the fifth, leading to some rather impressive results. While there are currently only two screenshots, these pictures speak a thousand words in potential [via GamesRadar].

mgs 3 5
Credit: Konami/Reddit:u/BeesWX

The modder has described progress as “still in its baby steps” via a Reddit post, but claims that progress with the mod is going “very fast”. BeezWX also invited other modders to contribute to the project, posting the following comment underneath their initial Reddit post:

Well we are trying our best to recreate the mgs3 stages but with more detail. As for support we would need more researchers on file types for mgsv in general. You can find out more about it on our tpp modding discord; modders heaven.”

It sounds like, with enough support, this project could become a fully realised version of Metal Gear Solid 3 built within the Fox Engine. Since it seems like Konami would rather do anything than releasing an actual video game, let alone revisit any of their beloved franchises. That being said, Konami recently failed to deny rumours of a Silent Hill reboot, instead claiming it “cannot share anything at this point.”

Credit: Konami

The original Metal Gear Solid 3 first launched 2004, meaning the game’s visuals are beginning to age. That being said, the PS2’s youthful depiction of Naked Snake is sort of charming, in a childhood crush sort of way. Let’s hope this new mod manages to capture Snakes 32-bit sex appeal!

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Featured Image Credit: Konami/Reddit:u/BeesWX

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