New Knights Of The Old Republic Rumoured To Be Developed By Aspyr

More rumours have begun surfacing about a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, thanks to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. The rumours seem to suggest that the next KOTOR game will be developed by Aspyr Media.

Credit: BioWare

Posting under the ResetEra username “Raigor” [via Reddit], Jason revealed some undisclosed details surrounding the recent Embracer group acquisition of Aspyr Media.

Aspyr has an exciting pipeline and is looking to build on its’ vast catalogue during the next few years as well as to bring out new content based on multiple licensed IP’s,” said Raigor.

Aspyr currently has several games under development including one major ongoing game development project with a approximately budget of USD 70 million that is expected to become an important for the entire group. These development projects will engage more than 200 internal and external developers with the core team in Austin, Texas, and will contribute to Embracer’s release slate in the coming years.”

Credit: BioWare

Jason then signed off the information by explaining that “Aspyr is known for Star Wars ports on Mac/Mobile and Switch.”

Of course, this then ignited the rumour fire. ResetEra users began speculating that the developer’s big new project is in fact KOTOR. At this stage, absolutely nothing has been officially confirmed, but since Jason is usually a reliable source of insider info, the rumours’ integrity appears to be solid.

Aspyr has been responsible for many of the Star Wars ports we’ve received on the likes of the Nintendo Switch and PC. These include Star Wars Racer, The Jedi Knight series and of course, Knights of the Old Republic 2, amongst other non-Star Wars titles.

Credit: BioWare

Another ResetEra user also pointed out that a recent job listing by Aspyr would indicate that the company isn’t going to be working on a mere remaster like previously.

The listing is a call for 21 different members of staff, from game devs to HR and QA roles. It looks like Aspyr has a big project in the works regardless of the rumours.

Credit: BioWare

Again, usual disclosure here. These are still just rumours and we’ll only know the truth once it’s officially announced. 

Are you looking forward to a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

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Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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