Intel 4th Gen Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” CPU for LGA4677-X socket pictured –

Intel Sapphire Rapids CPU pictured

Xeon CPU for the upcoming Eagle Stream platform.

Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP, Source: YuuKi-AnS

Sapphire Rapids SP is a codename for Intel Xeon CPUs that will be used on the Eagle Stream platform. The series is to utilize a third refinement of Intel’s 10nm process technology called 10nm Enhanced SuperFin. Intel has not confirmed the exact specifications of the new Xeon series yet, but previously leaked information has already provided the most important tidbits on the new series.

Intel Sapphire Rapids would feature onboard HBM memory and Compute Express Link 1.1. More importantly, though, the next-gen Xeon would be Intel’s first server CPUs that support PCI Express 5.0. On the memory front, we also have a first architecture to support DDR5 memory. It is rumored that the series would feature up to 8-channel memory. Along with desktop and mobile Alder Lake CPUs, Intel will start shifting its entire product portfolio to DDR5 memory beginning in late 2021.

The leaker YuuKi-AnS published the first picture of the alleged Sapphire Rapids-SP CPU codenamed QVV5. This engineering sample has a base clock of 1.3 GHz (which is a typical frequency for early samples). It would utilize the new LGA4677-X socket. The CPU would allegedly utilize four compute cores along with four HBM stacks, YuuKi claims.

Intel LGA4677-X Socket, Source: YuuKi-AnS

Intel had only just confirmed at CES 2021 that 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake-SP) is already in production and the company expects volume ramp through the first quarter. Sapphire Rapids CPUs will succeed Ice Lake-SP.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Specs, Source: Intel via Chiphell

Intel Sapphire Rapids will be used in next-gen HPC platforms such as the Intel Aurora supercomputer. The computer will feature Sapphire Rapids two Intel Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids CPUs along with six Ponte Vecchio GPUs, the same GPUs that were recently showcased by Raja Koduri.

Intel Aurora, Source: Intel

Source: YuuKi-AnS via @9550pro

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