PlayStation Fans Can Now Access Their 2020 Wrap-Up Report

PlayStation fans can now access their 2020 “Wrap-up Report”, a feature that allows players to share gaming stats such as Trophies, top games played and the number of hours spent in each game.

Credit: Sony

If for not much else, 2020 was a busy year for gaming. Not only did we get the likes of The Last of Us Part 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but we also ended the year with the release of the PS5. There’s no doubt that PS4 players spent more time with a DualShock in their hand than ever, meaning gamers might be a little surprised by their personal wrap-up reports.

The celebratory features were announced via PlayStation’s official blog, along with a short statement reflecting back on 2020:

playstation wrap up
Credit: Sony

From Dreams in February to the launch of the PlayStation 5 console in November, there was a lot of gaming to celebrate in 2020.

To commemorate our collective journey, we’re pleased to bring back our year end wrap-up report, so you can reflect upon your many 2020 gameplay accomplishments.

playstation wrap up
Credit: Sony

Through March 2, 2021, PS4 players* can access their PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up report and share their details with others, including trophies earned, top played games, play hours, and more. If you are a PS4 player and also played on PS5* in 2020, you can see a few general stats from your PS5 experience.

Our very own Lara Jackson recently tried out the service, which resulted in a revelation of sorts:

While the service will mostly cover stats from the PS4, players will also be able to view some general figures in regards to their PS5 experience. PlayStation owners can also download a commemorative PS4 dynamic theme, which features the console’s iconic symbology. 

Have you looked at your own PlayStation wrap-up yet?

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