Fallout New Vegas Mod ‘The Frontier’ Is Back Online

The massive Fallout New Vegas Mod, “The Frontier”, has reappeared online, after being taken down last week due to the actions of a contributing artist.

Credit: The Frontier Team

The mod was initially taken down due to the troubling activities of one of its artists, who was found to have been uploading “animated p*dophillic content” to their personal online accounts. The project was then removed so that the developers could discuss the best course of action for the project. Now the mod has returned, and it seems like it’s not just the artists work that has been removed [via Kotaku]. 

Upon downloading the mod, many players expressed concern over some of the projects extremely questionable content. It now seems that the developer has taken heed of these concerns, listing various changes and removals to the mod:

fallout new vegas mod The Frontier
Credit: The Frontier Team

We have removed ZuTheSkunks content from the mod, namely icons and self inserts. We’d like to re-iterate that his behaviour is abhorrent and we have distanced ourselves from him as soon as we were informed of the situation.

“- We have made changes to America and Mae’s content. We have removed the Slavery lines, and the lines from Mae that were inappropriate. We recognize that these topics were not handled tactfully, however, there was never any malicious intent behind the writing of the lines.

“- We have locked the Trochili. Temporarily they are inaccessible but they will be re-added in an esp that will be provided optionally later.

fallout new vegas mod The Frontier
Credit: The Frontier Team

“- We have unfortunately had to remove multiple characters worth of voice acting as people have requested that they not be associated with the project going forward. We will be revoicing these characters in the future.

“- We have removed content that has been asked to be removed by artists.

“- We have had to remove the music for the breach outreach as the artist has requested his content to be removed.

“- We have modified and removed a few pieces of questionable content mod wide.”

fallout new vegas mod The Frontier
Credit: The Frontier Team

To say that the mod had some huge issues is an understatement. As well as removing the problematic content, the developers also had to remove various pieces by other artists, actors and musicians who no longer want to be associated with the project.

Hopefully, now that vast changes have been made, the mod can be enjoyed safely by fans.

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Featured Image Credit: The Frontier Team

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