PlayStation Exclusive Reportedly Coming To Xbox This Year

A PlayStation Studios game is reportedly set to be published for the first time this year on multiple platforms.

Credit: Sony/Microsoft

Now before we get too excited, it’s not a huge exclusive like Bloodborne, God of War or Uncharted. It’s something far more subtle than one of Sony’s big guns.

That being said, you might get excited if you’re a fan of baseball because MLB: The Show 21 is reportedly set to arrive on Xbox this year as well as other platforms.

Box art images were discovered on Instagram by industry leaker Anerdydad [via VGC]. The images appear to show the game’s box art for both PS5 and Xbox. The images feature a logo for PlayStation Studios, seemingly confirming that this once-PlayStation exclusive series will now be cross-platform.

Back in December a deal was first announced that the long-running MLB series would be coming to “additional console platforms” for the very first time as part of a multi-year extension to Sony’s video game licensing deal.

While the leaked box art only includes PlayStation and Xbox at the time of writing, when the MLB multi-platform deal was announced, both Xbox and Nintendo retweeted the news, so a Nintendo Switch release also seems likely.

I know it’s unlikely that the MLB series coming to rival consoles will be a great needle mover right now, but hopefully it might pave the way for similar deals in the future from Sony.

Microsoft has been leading the way for such deals for a number of years now, with the likes of Minecraft continuing to be multiplatform after the acquisition of developer Mojang. Let’s not forget Cuphead coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

We then of course have the huge $7.5 ZeniMax deal which saw Microsoft purchase the parent company of Bethesda. Despite this, Microsoft has honoured previous console exclusive deals for PlayStation: Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Personally I’d be shocked if we saw major console exclusives ever becoming multi-format but hopefully these deals are a sign of things to come for multiplayer games, which would benefit the most from being multi-platform.

Are you excited by the MLB multi-platform deal and do you think we’ll see more PlayStation exclusive games come to Xbox? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony

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