COLORFUL launches GeForce RTX 3070 Neptune with AIO cooling –

Colorful introduces RTX 3070 Neptune

Colorful adds more AIO-cooled graphics cards to its lineup.

Following RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 Neptune SKUs, the Chinese graphics card manufacturer has unveiled its third, possibly the last model featuring this cooler design. Unlike previously released models, the RTX 3070 is based on a different GPU, which means that Colorful had to adopt the cooler for a different board. While the GA102 based models shared the same board layout of 14+8+4 power stages and the maximum TDP of 370W, the GA104 based RTX3070 card will feature 14+4 power stages as well as a TDP of 270W (+50W over reference).

Colorful RTX 3070 Neptune is a factory-overclocked model, but the higher frequency is not applied automatically. Users may choose between the default 1725 MHz clocks or push an OC button which is located on the I/O bracket which loads a secondary BIOS with an 1845 MHz boost. It is worth noting that such a frequency is already a 7% overclock, but it still not as high as air-cooled Vulcan OC (1875 MHz).

The graphics card uses a custom All In One cooling attached to a 240mm dual-fan radiator. One would think that RTX 3070 will not require such a powerful radiator, but Colorful is likely cutting development costs and reusing the same kit for all Neptune cards. Colorful RTX 3070 Neptune is already listed on the company’s website, but the pricing and availability were not known at the time of writing.

COLORFUL RTX 30 Neptune Series
Configuration Boost Clock Board Design TDP
RTX 3070 Neptune OC GA104, 5888 cores 1845 MHz 14+4 270W
RTX 3080 Neptune OC GA102, 8704 cores 1785 MHz 14+8+4 370W
RTX 3090 Neptune OC GA102, 10496 cores 1755 MHz 14+8+4 370W


Specs provided by VideoCardz.NET Database
GPU : GA104-300 Base Clock : 1500 MHz
Cores : 5888 Boost Clock : 1845 MHz (+7.0%)
TMUs : 184 Memory Clock : 14 Gbps
ROPs : 96 Memory : 8 GB GDDR6 256b

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