Intel adds initial patches for “Display13” to Linux graphics driver –

Intel prepares ‘Display13’ for Gen12.7+ Xe Graphics

Display13 is a ‘natural’ evolution of Display1, Intel employees have written in a description of the new Linux graphics patches. The term does not directly refer to the graphics processor, but rather to the next-gen display intellectual property. The patches are not coming to Rocket Lake or Alder Lake though either, in fact, those patches are possibly an early groundwork for the Meter Lake series.

Intel Rocket Lake-S and Alder Lake-S will rely on Gen12.1 and Gen12.2 graphics respectively. Meanwhile, the Meteor Lake series will likely be Gen12.722, as long as the previous leaks were accurate. The Meteor Lake (MTS) series are not expected to launch until 2022 at least and there haven’t been that many leaks on the series either. The series is likely to be an evolution of Intel’s Hybrid Technology in Alder Lake. Both series are to use the same socket (LGA1700), same memory technology (DDR5), and support PCI Gen5 interface.

The Display13 patches are not very interesting at this point, after all, they are being added a year or so before anything important software or hardware-wise appears.

Display13 brings a plane configuration identical to Rocket Lake (5 universal planes and one cursor plane), improved under-run recovery, support for plane strides up to 128KB, power management improvements, and up to 255 watermark lines compared to the prior limit of 31. One interesting anecdote from the patches is with Display13 hardware when the system has Intel VT-d support enabled has bandwidth usage of the display higher by 5%.

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Intel Display13 Power Wells, Source: PatchWork

INTEL Mainstream CPU Series Specs Coffee Lake-S Comet Lake-S Rocket Lake-S Alder Lake-S Meteor Lake-S Lunar Lake-S
Launch Year 2018 2020 2021 2021 2022-2023 TBC
Fabrication Node 14nm 14nm 14nm 10nm SuperFin 7nm SuperFinTBC TBC
Core µArch Skylake Skylake Cypress Cove Golden Cove + Gracemont Redwood Cove + Gracemont TBC
Graphics µArch Gen9 Gen9.5 Gen12.1 Gen12.2 Gen 12.7 Gen 13
Max Core Count up to 8 cores up to 10 cores up to 8 cores up to 16 (8+8) TBC TBC
Socket LGA1151 LGA1200 LGA1200 LGA1700 LGA1700 LGA1700
Memory Support DDR4 DDR4 DDR4 DDR5 DDR5 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe 3.0 PCIe 3.0 PCIe 4.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0
Intel Core Series 8th/9th Gen Core-S 10th Gen Core-S 11th Gen Core-S 12th Gen Core-S 13th Gen Core-S 14th Gen Core-S
Motherboard Chipsets Intel 300 (eg. Z390) Intel 400 (eg. Z490) Intel 500 (Z590) Intel 600 (eg. Z690) Intel 700 (eg. Z790) Intel 800 (eg. Z890)

Intel Xe generations have already been leaked. Please note that Display13 does not refer to Gen13.

Intel Xe Graphics Architectures
Gen Codename Cores Subslices Memory
12.1 Tiger Lake UP3/UP4 (TGL-UP3/UP4) 4 12 UMA
12.1 DG1 N/A 12 LPDDR4x
12.1 Rocket Lake S 8 4 UMA
12.2 Alder Lake S (ADL-S) 8+8 4 UMA
12.2 Alder Lake P (ADL-P) 6+8 12 UMA
12.2 Alder Lake M (ADL-M) 2+8 12 UMA
12.5 Arctic Sound (ATS) N/A 4 x 64 HBM2E
12.5 Tiger Lake H (TGL-H) 8 4 UMA
12.71 DG2 N/A 64 GDDR6
12.721 Ponte Vecchio (PVC) N/A ? HBM2E
12.722 Meteor Lake (MTL) ? ? UMA
12.9 Lunar Lake (LNL) ? ? UMA
12.9 ? (SYL) ? ? UMA
13 Jupiter Sound (JPS) N/A ? ?
13 DG3 N/A ? ?

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