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AMD EPYC naming explained

If a product needs a slide explaining its name then something must have clearly gone wrong.

Not only monitors have weird and indistinguishable names. Both Intel and AMD server processor naming just as complicated to understand. For AMD EPYC server processors that might change thanks to the product naming decode slide provided ExecutableFix who also shared the full specifications for the 3rd Gen EPYC series with us.

AMD EPYC based on Zen3 code design will debut in two months. The series codenamed Milan will provide ~200 MHz higher frequencies over Rome (Zen2) depending on an SKU. The 64-core variant EPYC 7763 will boost up to 3.5 GHz which is 100 MHz higher than EPYC 7742, while the fastest SKU in the lineup EPYC 72F3 offers 8 cores up to 4.1, 200 MHz higher than EPYC 7F52 from the Rome series.

The last digit in the EPYC product name defines which family does the processor belongs to, thus 3 means we are looking at the 3rd gen EPYC series, codenamed Milan. The second digit defines how many cores does each EPYC CPU has. For instance, 2 stands for 8 cores and 3 doubles that count to 16, but some digits refer to ranges, such as 4 could mean 24 up to 28 cores and 6 means 40 to 46 cores. However, it appears that 5 always means 32 cores while 7 refers to 64 core CPU, which is the highest core count for this generation.

The third letter defines the performance target for the EPYC SKU. All processors featuring are value-oriented, while 4 and 6 are meant for performance applications. The third possibility is F, which refers to EPYC with high performing cores.

Some SKUs carry which is a feature modified. In this case, it means that CPU is targeted for single-socket systems, but in our chart, we combined both the P and non-P variants as they were identical specifications wise (except for Numa Per Socket configuration).

AMD EPYC Milan Naming, Source: VideoCardz

AMD 3rd Gen EPYC “Milan”
SKU Cores/Threads Base Clock Boost Clock L3 Cache TDP
EPYC 7763
EPYC 7713(P)
EPYC 7643
EPYC 7543(P)
EPYC 7513
EPYC 7443(P)
EPYC 7413
EPYC 7343
EPYC 7313(P)

At CES 2021 has made a preview of EPYC where the company claimed over 68% higher performance over Intel Xeon 6258:

AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan is now scheduled to launch in March, the company confirmed during its Q4 Earnings Call just a few days ago.

Many thanks to @ExecuFix for the data!

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