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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Founders Edition

As discovered by our readers and members of the press, NVIDIA is no longer listing Founder Edition graphics cards in European stores. 

We have checked every store and this indeed appears to be the case, with one exception. NVIDIA does not sell cards through its webstore in all EU countries, instead, the manufacturer relies on external stores. In some cases, NVIDIA offers both options, but despite the fact that the card is listed in the official webstore, the consumer is redirected to an external store regardless (example: USA and BestBuy).

Only on the Polish site, NVIDIA lists RTX 3090 Founders Edition, but the card is sold out. In all other EU webstores the card is not even listed, but external links are provided to retail partners. We have only checked a couple and none had Founders Edition listed.

The delisting of the Founders Edition might be a result of a very limited supply. NVIDIA has simply decided to remove the cards until more stock is available, however, it is unclear if the company has plans to relist the cards in their webstores.

The official NVIDIA webstore was in most cases the only way to buy GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards at MSRP. External partners usually only offer custom models at MSRP at launch (this is a requirement from NVIDIA from what we have heard). However, just days later the cards are either not in stock or offered at much higher prices.

Founders Edition listed in Poland and no cards listed in UK NVIDIA webstore, Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Founders Edition Buying Options
Country NVIDIA Store enabled Listed in NVIDIA Store Buying Options
United States Yes Yes Redirects to External Store
Canada Yes No No
Belgium No No External
Czechia No No External
Danemark No No External
Germany Yes No No
Spain Yes No No
France Yes No No
Italy No No External
Netherlands No No External
Norway No No External
Austria No No External
Poland Yes Yes (only 3090) Sold out
Russia Yes No No
Romania No No No
Switzerland Yes (redirects to Germany) No No
Finland No No External
Sweden No No External
Turkey No No External
United Kingdom Yes No No
Australia No No External

NVIDIA US webstore continues to be the only one listing all cards, although customers are redirected to BestBuy.

NVIDIA US webstore, Source: NVIDIA

via: Igor’sLAB, Adreas Schilling (HardwareLuxx)

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