Incredible No Man’s Sky Underwater City Puts Rapture To Shame

No Man’s Sky is a game that promises a deep space odyssey, one that leads its players to the edge of the universe and beyond. One player, however, decided to explore in the opposite direction and has built a vast underwater metropolis within the ocean of No Man’s Sky.

Credit: Hello Games/Twitter:@chongsparks

For 18 months, No Man’s Sky fan Chongsparks has pieced together an underwater facility dubbed the “Thermal Underwater Research Development”, a project that was born with no original plan in mind.

In a conversation with PCGamer, Chongsparks described the process involved in building this Rapture-esque labyrinth.

no mans sky underwater build
Credit: Hello Games/Twitter:@chongsparks

“I always choose location first & let the landscape decide what should be built,” explained the gamer. “Then an idea forms & the base just grows, almost by itself. Sometimes I have a plan but those bases usually end up going nowhere.”

Chongspark’s underwater creation is open to visitors, with glyph codes being available to enable teleportation to the location. The catch, however, is that Chongspark used a trick to enable them to make the facility bigger than what the game’s object limit would usually allow. The result? Players will only be able to see a fraction of it. 

Chongspark stated that “The great builders will factor in all sorts of things to stretch what they can get NMS to do.”

They elaborated: “Planet type (dead worlds are best), avoiding high point value build parts… these are a few of the things they consider. Plus they all use brilliantly creative glitching, which I only use on a very minor scale.”

This isn’t the first time this trick has been used in No Man’s Sky. Previous occurrences include efforts from Bioshock and Broken Age designer JP LeBreton, who created the classic E1M1 map within the game. Others include a recreation of Notre Dame, which is pretty “dame” impressive.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that players like Chongsparks are making No Man’s Sky into a wondrous world of discovery. While the game natively has various secrets to uncover, finding an elaborate underwater structure like this is sure to blow anyone’s space-socks off! It definitely puts Bioshock’s Rapture to shame!

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Featured Image Credit: Hello Games/Twitter:@chongsparks

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