Dying Light 2 Collector’s Edition Emerges Online

Images of a Collector’s Edition for the highly-anticipated Dying Light 2 have emerged online, suggesting the game’s release could be sooner than we thought.

The sequel to 2015’s open-world zombathon has been under tight wraps during its development, with the game last being showcased back in 2019 at E3. In this case, no news might be good news, as it seems the game’s release might be just around the corner. 

The game’s development has been problematic to say the least, with claims of sexual harassment being made against narrative director Chris Avellone, as well as the game being delayed indefinitely in 2020. Despite these setbacks, the dev team did claim on their Discord channel that they’d have “fresh updates” in the new year, which helps cement the idea that the project is far from “indefinite” (via Gamerant).

Credit: Techland

The leaked images, which depict an elaborate Collector’s Edition, emerged as part of a listing on Xzone that has since been taken down. The box of swag appeared to contain an artbook, UV stickers, a UV flashlight, a detailed figurine, a “secret locations” map and some postcards. The fact that this bundle looks less conceptual and more like a developed product suggests that the game might be closer to release than you think. 

Of course this is just all leaks and rumours. It’s best to reserve your excitement for any official announcements and statements. While common sense suggests that the leaked images are authentic, there’s nothing to say that the product wasn’t designed before the game itself.

dying light 2
Credit: Techland

That being said, when paired with the aforementioned Discord announcement, it’s more than plausible that development has been going full steam ahead.

Ultimately, at this point we can expect to either see Dying Light 2 released in the near future or shelved entirely. As it stands just now, it looks like the former is more likely.

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Featured Image Credit: Techland

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