Neon-Soaked Multiplayer ‘Kinetic Edge’ Comes To Steam Next Month

If you’re a fan of multiplayers then you’ll want to check out upcoming Steam release Kinetic Edge, a game that merges racing and crazy golf together into a fluorescent frenzy.

Credit: SCT

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Fall Guys, Kinetic Edge pits players against each other in a race across neon tracks littered with obstacles and labyrinths to traverse. The game has five modes of play, which can be found on the game’s Steam page:

  • Race – Race with friends to get the best time or against others online.
  • Arena – Knockout other players to make them lose points and stay in the green zone for maximum points gain.
  • Maze – A procedurally generated maze that’s different every time. First one out wins!
  •  Golf – A physics crazy golf game you can play with friends.
  • The Gauntlet – Super hard, 7 minutes, no checkpoints, 1 life. You will rage.

Going by the game’s trailer, it looks like a cross between Fall Guys and the PS1 classic Kula World, with a Tron aesthetic layered on top. The game’s visuals look absolutely mesmerising, and it feels like looking at an eclipse without the funny glasses on (let’s hope it doesn’t burn our retinas). 

The game’s developer, SCT, is relatively fresh to the scene, having created games like PROSPEKT, which is set in the Half-Life universe, and Gunsmith, which is something of an arms dealer simulator. 

Kinetic Edge
Credit: SCT

In a press release, the studio’s founder, Richard Seabook, said that the Kinetic Edge “finds that brilliant sweet spot between being a perfect package of fun for those wanting to play with their friends, but also serving as an addictive set of challenges for single players as well.”

Fans of puzzlers, racers and getting incredibly angry at your friends are going to want to check this one out. Kinetic Edge is set to race its way onto Steam on February 5th.

Kinetic Edge
Credit: SCT

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Featured Image Credit: SCT

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