18 Years Later, Simpsons Hit & Run Worlds Have Been Put Together

18 years after its initial release, The Simpsons Hit & Run has had its world put together thanks to an ambitious new mod.

The Simpsons Hit & Run released in 2003 for PC, PS2, OG Xbox and the GameCube. It was very much inspired by, and was a parody of, Grand Theft Auto 3.

Credit: Vivendi Games

This child-friendly version of GTA 3 perhaps wasn’t considered to be great when it first released, but over the years gamers have looked back at Simpsons Hit & Run quite fondly. So much so that it’s gained quite the cult following.

However the two games do have many differences. GTA 3 had a fairly seamless Liberty City which let you explore the world freely with no load-screens. The Simpsons Hit & Run, however, was divided into three maps.

Homer driving in Simpsons Hit n Run
Credit: Vivendi Games

Every time you ventured to and from each of the three maps you were greeted with a loading-screen and back then loading-screens seemed to take an age to process.

Thankfully, some 18 years later, each of the three maps of Simpsons Hit & Run have now been stitched together making for a seamless transition [via PCGamer].

This is all down to a modder by the name of Colou who has even added new objects such as bridges to essentially join the three maps together. In a video showing off the mod, Colou also states that animations, interactive triggers and gags are still present from the original.

Colou will continue to work on the mod to make it even better, rebalancing the campaign to make the most out of maps’ new connectivity. But from what I can see in the gameplay video it already looks great!

simpsons hit and run
Credit: Vivendi Games

While we (probably) won’t be getting a remaster of The Simpsons Hit & Run anytime soon, this fantastic mods seems that it will more than fill that void.

Are you impressed with The Simpsons Hit & Run mod? Share your thoughts across our social media channels. I know GameByte’s own Brett Claxton will be jumping for joy with this mod!

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Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Games/Disney

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