Marvel’s Kevin Feige Teases The Return Of The Avengers

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has teased that The Avengers will return to the big screen – at some point.

Credit: Disney

Marvel has already written off the prospect of an Avengers movie being part of their “Phase 4”, yet the studio’s president Kevin Feige claims that the band of heroes will return to our screens eventually. 

During a press junket for Wandavision, IGN asked Feige if we’ll ever see The Avengers reunite after the events of Endgame. He replied, “I would have to think so. I would have to say yes, at some point.”

Avengers in Overwatch
Credit: Disney

While this will please fans of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”, it’s hard to tell from this claim what to expect from their eventual return. Especially considering that Phase 4 will introduce us to a whole new generation of superheroes.

The news comes in contrast to a previous statement from 2019, which said Phase 4 would not feature an Avengers flick.

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Credit: Disney

“We had a movie this year called Avengers: Endgame, and it is very much an ending, as you saw, to so many of those characters…  Phase 4 is about beginnings, and Phase 4 is about learning new things about characters you already think you know, like Black Widow; meeting incredible new characters like The Eternals and Shang-Chi[.]”

Disney recently unveiled its plans for an incredible lineup of Marvel content coming to both Disney Plus and the big screen. Shows like Moon Knight, Hawkeye and Secret Invasion (starring Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury) will all joing the upcoming Wandavision show on Disney’s streaming platform. 

Disney Plus logo
Credit: Disney

Ultimately, Marvel’s Phase 4 is going to feature a lot of familiar faces, but fans should brace themselves for a whole range of stories and characters previously untapped by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This means that while The Avengers may very well make a comeback, it’s extremely likely that its membership will feature a completely new team.

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