Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review – Slick Ninja Action

When Ninja Gaiden was released on the Xbox in 2004, it was considered to be one of the greatest Xbox video games of all time. Later on, Ninja Gaiden Black was released as an enhanced adaptation of the original Xbox game. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a PlayStation 3 exclusive video game that is a remake of the Xbox iterations. The storyline in Ninja Gaiden revolves around youthful Ninja Ryu Hayabusa and the Vigoor Empire. Ryu’s people (the Hayabusa Clan) was assailed by the malicious Vigoor Empire, and they pilfered the Dark Dragon Sword. Unfortunately, Ryu’s friend (Kureha) was murdered during the attack. Consequently, Ryu is striving to seek vengeance and retrieve the Dark Dragon Sword. How many times am I going to have to suffer through this redundant plot? Fortunately, gamers are not playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the storyline. Avid fans of the Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden will enjoy Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

The gameplay is an action adventure riot from start to finish. Skillful attacks are the name of the game, so do not expect to eradicate all enemies with one hit. Ryu Hayabusa is an acrobatic ninja that is as swift and agile as any ninja. The subtle things in Ninja Gaiden Sigma’s gameplay (running on water and attacking from different angles) make you really appreciate the game. Grappling throws, using walls, ninja throwing stars, incendiary shurekins, magic, sword attacks, and a combination of everything can be used to pulverize your foes. Special attacks (like charging up) will no doubt unleash devastation on all your opponents.

If all these maneuvers sound intricate, do not be intimidated. Ninja Gaiden Sigma does a remarkable job with the intuitive controls. The enemies are significantly challenging in their own right. They will try to flank you and outsmart you with every move. One completely original feature in the game is the capability to play as Rachel. For those who are unaware, she was the woman with the eccentrically enormous breasts in Ninja Gaiden. She was not a playable character in the Xbox version, but she is playable in the PlayStation 3 revision.

Personally, I felt like the addition to have Rachel as a playable character was gratuitous. She is significantly sluggish and lacks the dexterity of Ninja Ryu Hayabusa. A majority of the gameplay with Rachel involves blocking. That is not exactly my idea of engrossing gameplay. There are also some new adversaries in the game for Ninja Gaiden veterans. These opponents that Ryu will encounter will be just as lethal in the PlayStation 3 game as they were in the Xbox games. A plethora of weapons will be available in Ninja Gaiden that include swords and magic. My favorite has to be the brand new Tiger’s Fang and Dragon’s Claw. It is a two sword combination that is utilized for dual wielding (ala Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic lightsabers). The visuals in Ninja Gaiden Sigma are stunning.

Everything from the environments to the clothing is brilliant; moreover, character models and trees will cast their own realistic shadows. The exemplary graphics truly make Ninja Gaiden Sigma feel like a next generation console video game. All of the animations are authentic; attacking an enemy will cause it to act accordingly. The audio is right on par with its Xbox counterpart. You hear everything from the sounds of bullets ricocheting off Ryu’s weapons when he blocks to blood spilling on the ground. In addition, the sound of your swords cutting open a foe is more than satisfying. The drawbacks of Ninja Gaiden Sigma are that the plot is convoluted, and the game is immensely arduous. Even if you know absolutely nothing about martial arts, everyone is enamored with ninjas. What is there not to like about a ninja? Not much.

If anyone was a fan of Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox, they will have a fantastic time with Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Once players learn the steep learning curve, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a fairly entertaining experience.

final verdict 8 out of 10

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