OnLive Console – Innovative, Fast and Reliable

Consoles used by other online gaming companies are now being overshadowed by the new and innovative OnLive console. Formally called the MicroConsole, this console is comprised of a device used to connect the gamer television, personal computer, or Macintosh to the subscription-based services with the aid of an Ethernet connection. OnLive is not complicated or cumbersome as other consoles and the service is far greater.

One of the best things about using an OnLive console for gaming is that the service can run on any personal computer, no matter the configuration. In addition, the personal computer, Macintosh, or television does not have to be an expensive high-end product, simply a standard device. With the OnLive console, video streams reach 720p resolution, as well as 60 frames per second with little lag.

For other online “Games on Demand” services to work hardware is required but for this service, a simple OnLive console, broadband internet, and the receiving device such as TV, PC, or Macintosh is all a person needs. Although this particular online gaming service has no limitations as to how far around the globe it can reach, OnLive has the support of only five data centers!

However, the new video compression technology algorithm is what makes OnLive the impressive service that it is. Requiring only one millisecond of lag to encode the video, gamers have instant access to a number of top titles. What this means in summary is that the OnLive console has revolutionized the online gaming industry and with Perlman’s vision, both publishers and gamers can expect to see many more exciting developments in the future.

With the OnLive console, gamers will never again need to purchase a new video card or expensive hardware. The console is very affordable and gaming capabilities unrivaled. The concept of OnLive is actually quite simple. Rather than the game control going from the player’s hand to the controller and then to the computer, it simply goes from the hand to the controller via broadband internet. The result is streamed video on the television, personal computer, or Macintosh instantly.

As far as lag, OnLive uses an innovative technology known as the Rearden incubator that makes it possible for OnLive’s servers to send video feeds with a ping of less than one millisecond. The patented compression technology gives the on-demand delivery its speed and with the fast delivery of games, the need to install or download games has been eliminated. Additionally, the cross-platform compatibility gives gamers the ability to instantly play demos to determine if they want to buy.

Another benefit of the OnLive console and compression technology is that real-time video streams gives people from all over the world the ability to enjoy the same high quality and fast speed in the privacy and comfort of the home. Today, some of the top game publishers to include Atari, Warner Bros, 2D Boy, and Epic Games, among others, are already buying into the OnLive service, which is ultimately great news for the end-user.

Source by Justin Macagba

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