AMD Frank Azor promises more details on Radeon RX 6000 ray tracing and super sampling tech before launch

Frank Azor the Alienware co-founders and now Chief Gaming Architect at AMD, confirmed on Twitter that AMD will provide more details on its ray-tracing hardware support and AI supersampling ‘between now and availability dates’ of the Radeon RX 6000 series. 

AMD RDNA2 with ray tracing and AI supersampling?

AMD hardware is the core of the next-generation gaming consoles that will launch later this month (PS5 and XBOX S/X). Both feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing thanks to an RDNA2-based graphics subsystem, which is also the architecture behind the just-announced Radeon RX 6000 series of discrete desktop graphics cards.

At the announcement, AMD was not eager to share too many details on the implementation of its highly anticipated technologies: ray tracing and AI super sampling (super-resolution), both happening to be the core feature of the GeForce RTX series. NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA DLSS require game developers’ implementation. More than 2 years from the launch the list of supported games has noticeably grown, but it is still not a significant number.

AMD promised that their implementation of AI super-resolution would be open and cross-platform, so it may rely on DirectX DirectML and possibly offer easier access for developers. Sadly, no details were provided, but Scott Herkleman said that is looking always looking to help developers with such technologies.

We are yet to see if AMD will implement ray-tracing acceleration and super-resolution technology into its FidelityFX package, or rather wait for market adoption of DirectX DXR and DirectML super-resolution. The good news is that AMD is planning to sahre  more details on these technologies very soon, as Frank Azor confirmed on Twitter that more disclosures regarding ray tracing and super-resolution will be made by November 18th (launch of Radeon RX 6000 series):

Source: Frank Azor via Notebookcheck

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