Review – Toy Story 3 – The Video Game (PlayStation Portable)

On of the summer’s greatest blockbuster movie is upon us, or soon to be based on your whereabouts. Kids of all ages are set to enjoy Pixar and Disney’s Toy Story 3 in both cinemas and game machines all over the world.

The PlayStation Portable version of Toy Story 3 was entrusted to French developer Asobo, which did an acceptable adaptation of Pixar’s ‘Up’ last year. They’ve delivered the goods once more, with one of the better movie games on PlayStation Portable.

Willing and able

The Toy Story universe probably needs very little introduction, but fans of the movies will be pleased to know, that the PSP game is both quite enjoyable and faithful to Pixar’s vision.

Toy Story 3 on the PSP is a cute platformer, where you’ll traverse everyday environments to save the cuddly group of living toys, primarily in the guises of the two friends Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The game is composed of relatively easy platform sections, some light puzzles and a few stealth challenges, where you’ll have to avoid detection by janitors and frothing, toy hungry kids.

Game play is surprisingly varied; controls are simple across fast paced levels, which feel like playing the Toy Story movies in person. You never be punish unduly for untimely deaths, so frustration never rises even trough the games few difficult sections.

To infinity and beyond

Great care has been taken in the presentation of Toy Story 3 on Sony’s little handheld. Characters look fantastic compared to their movie counterparts, environments are colorful and rich with details – Kindergartens are teeming with kids and playthings, Zurg’s fortress is foreboding and filled with neon lights. Voiceovers are authentic and the soundtrack appropriate energetic and close to big-screen quality.

Apart from the games story mode, a load of mini games are unlocked as missions are completed. Best of the bunch is Buzz’ attack on the evil Zurg’s fortress – here our galactic hero partakes in light shooting, delightful platforming and flying sections. All offerings combined the game offers plenty of entertainment, although some of the mini games are of varying quality.

Going to let go of the wall

Toy Story 3 is an enjoyably snack prior to the films release. The game sports fine Pixar looks combined with fun and well crafted game play, that’s sure to be a hit in the rear seats during the long hot summer drives.

Verdict: Get it!

(Verdict list: ‘Get it!’, ‘Rent’ or ‘Never mind’)

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